Thursday, February 18, 2016

Schwerpunkt and the Holy Eucharist

The Schwerpunkt ‎or center of gravity in warfare is that objective/asset which dominates planning and is the focus of a fighting force's main effort. It relates directly to a key military science word, the first Principle of War...Mass.

The German High Command launched out in World War I by executing the Von Schlieffen Plan, through the Low Countries to force France out of the war. The Allies stopped them at the Marne River.

Adolph Hitler dusted it off (reworked as the Manstein Plan) in 1940's blitzkrieg that ran over the Low Countries and captured Paris in a mere 35 days.

This diabolical success
was unprecedented

The Most Holy Trinity
is our Ultimate Center of Gravity

The flag that still moved the hearts
of the French was the pre-revolution
imperial standard that the Church's
eldest daughter once flew proudly.
The Holy Mass is our 
proximate Center of Gravity
The Holy Eucharist 
Jesus Christ's
Sacred Heart
 is the one point
where time and eternity,
where particle and wave,
where God and Man
all find their center.

Natural and Supernatural Centers of Gravity

So much for Teilhard de Chardin's
rather obscure and naive Omega Point
Today, the forces of evil
are planning to target
the Holy Eucharist 

like never

is again trying to force
The Bread of Life
out of the war.